50mm Glass Photography Lens Ball

R500 R249

  • Always clean the ball of fingerprints before shooting using the included microfibre cloth
  • Attach it carefully on smooth, sloping surfaces
  • In the case of freehand shooting, work with a maximum exposure time of 1/250 – 2/125.
  • The ideal focal length is between 24 and 35mm
  • Longer exposure times are also possible with stands
  • Ideally for extensive areas with few high points (e.g. forest clearings, marketplaces, water with and without ships)
  • For photography with the use of a stand, keep a safe distance so that neither the stand nor the photographer is reflected in the glass ball
  • Have fun and be creative!
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Take inverted photos through the crystal clear Glass Lens Ball. Measuring 50mm in diameter, this lens ball is perfect for use with mirror-less and DSLR cameras as it lets you photograph inverted images in a 180-degree sphere view. Simply switch to manual focus and focus on the image inside the ball and take the photo. It works best to use a macro lens or a wide-angle lens.


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