20 LED Solar Power Motion Sensor Wall Light


  • Passive infra-red motion sensor/detector.
  • On/off mode switch on the front of the fixture.
  • 20 SMDs within the lampshade.
  • Rechargeable batteries are included and are pre-installed.
  • The solar panel is built into the fixture case.
  • Illumination time is set to 30 seconds.
  • Black ABS plastic construction, no parts to rust.
  • Easy to install almost anywhere.
  • Solar Panel : 0.55W 17% Efficiency
  • Li-on Battery: 3.7V 800mAh
  • Night Sensor:<10 Lux
  • Motion angle and distance: 120 Degrees
  • Delay time: 10 seconds
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This is a compact, economical solar light fixture that is fitted with 20 bright SMD’s. It can be installed quickly and easily almost anywhere. This security light has a solar panel built into the case on the top and the LED’s are underneath shining downwards and outwards. A passive infra-red motion sensor is also built into the case and it detects persons a distance away. The light will come on for about 30 seconds once motion has been detected and turn off if there is no more motion it will also automate once the sun goes down and keep the lights on with it’s night sensor. A solar motion sensor light can enhance security and help deter intruders and trespassers. Get yours today!

Product Specifications

  • Battery: 3.7V 800mah LI-ion battery (not included)
  • Solar panel: 0.55W
  • High light delay:10s
  • Lumen: 320lm
  • Solar charging time:>8 hours
  • Working time: 12 hours
  • LED lifespan:5000h
  • Sensor Distance: 3-5 meters
  • Sensor Angle: 120 Degree
  • 95mm x 124mm x 48mm
  • Weight: 50g

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