114 LED Motion Activated Solar Light


  • Densely distributed 114 LED lights provides super bright light with maximum lumens, meets your lighting and security requirements
  • Absorbs more solar energy in the 2400mAh rechargeable battery from sun due to the larger solar panel area, convert rate at 17%
  • Medium light mode, dim light sensor light mode and sensor mode, switch the button on the back of the light to choose the proper mode you want
  • Greater PIR sensor detects people or animals up to 3-5 meters with maximum angle at 120 degree, when people walk by, the light will be on in the mode you choose
  • Made of high-impact ABS which can withstand rain, snow, sleet and other extreme weather conditions
  • Operating Mode Infrared Human Body Induction
  • Charge Time > 8 Hours
  • Sensing Distance 3-5 Meters
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A home/office may look like an easy target to break-ins. Secure your home/office by installing our 114 LED Motion Activated Solar Light in front of path ways, entrances, doors, patios, garden etc. The light provides lightning and security anywhere, anytime and automatically turns on when motion is detected making the perfect solar security solution. The 114 LED Motion Activated Solar Light does not require you to connect it to your home/office electrical grid so it means that the installation is simple & fast and does not add any additional cost on your electricity bill.

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